Mirats Vision's and Goals

The notable products, research, and strategy which make our vision more clear.

The mantra “focus on the user and all else will follow,” is always top of mind here for us, guiding us in principle and research practices. Mirats give you a quick, cost-effective way to get valuable insights into the minds of your target audience. Gather the insights you need to make smarter, faster business decisions - in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional market research. We’ve grouped everything around a few resonant ideas: Real people answer your questions as they browse the internet — so they can get access to premium content and you get the consumer insights you need. Mirats empowers Insights to accomplish your company's mission by better understanding what the end customer wants in an immersive experience so you can create those experiences that emotionally engage, that are very impactful, and that drive a real-life action. We've published posts in our Mirats Library regarding research and impactful means to engage more customers and know your potential in market. We also put forward our resources and reach in front of you through Mirats Resources so that you can know us better.


Research which anticipate your product needs

Mirats Insights is a market research product by Mirats that surveys internet users. With Mirats.Insights, marketers who want to predict consumer behavior and evaluate market trends have an easy, cost-effective tool to get the answers they need in a qucik time. An online panel of one of millions of users and a mobile panel with million users help to make this possible. This white paper explains how Mirats.Insights works. The report covers how Mirats.Insights approaches sampling, pricing, and more, while also discussing its approach to mitigating different kinds of biases.
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Tech that doesn’t feel like “tech”

“Data collection for survey research has evolved several times over the history of the field, from face-toface interviews and paper based surveying initially, to telephone based surveying starting in the 1970s to Internet-based surveying in the last 10 years. Three factors appear to have played a role in these transitions: data quality, data collection cost and data timeliness.”

Gain deeper market knowledge

Mirats Insights is a simple, effective market research tool that lets you run online and mobile surveys to get relevant industry and consumer insights. Real people answer your questions as they browse the internet. When they do, they get access to the premium content they want, and you get the insights you need. Mirats.Insights helps you get an edge with fast results that are applicable, robust, and validated, at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.


New tools for deep-research

FocalInvision is a tool developed by Mirats.Company to enhance the research experience and get research done in fraction of seconds. We created FocalInvision to get more deep and detailed analysis of the user as well as get hard-to-reach target audience and get work done with ease.

Research is the most important part of any business for it's growth. We have the power of audience and consumers which comes online daily to engage, We offer them great premium gift card for their opinion on the research studies which they are required for through our Quanto Panel.


Our Vision & Goals

We believe the research is one of the most important place in the world when we talk for the growth of business. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you deliver the best research analytics experience, with our platform and best practices for your brand.

We live in a time that needs extremely agile, creative people who can manage ambiguous situations. At Mirats we say, “Focus on the consumers and all else will follow.” With this in mind, we seek to market research experiences that inspire and enlighten our customers.". We have panel of million peoples, but our aim to reach the first Billion in the market research industry in upcoming years. Our aim is high, but we the people at Mirats are dedicated to our work to make it happen. We work for our customers, in return they work for us.

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